Regatta Venue

Račice is a unique sport area with parameters that meet the requirements for the top canoeing and rowing events and training camps. The convenient location in the heart of Europe, just 60 km from Prague, modern facilities and moderate climate make the venue an ideal venue for international sport events such was the ECA European Canoe Sprint Seniors Championships in 2015.

The total lenght of 2 350 m allows to organize all canoeing events from 200 m up to 1 000 m, or 2 000 m for rowing. Except for the main chanel, the venue features also a return chanel. It is connected with the main chanel approximetaly in the middle of total lenght and enables a better and more fluent traffic on the venue.

The area is equipped with a five floor finish tower, a boathouse, changing rooms for athletes, showers, hotel, large parking space, administrative buildings, modern conference room, restaurant and a grandstand for up to 5 000 spectators.

The venue is surrounded by 5 km long road.

Technical parametres

  • Total lenght: 2 350 m
  • Total width of the main chanel: 130 m
  • Total wight of the return chanel: 30 m
  • Depth: 3,5 - 4 m
  • Number of line: 8 lines of 9 m
  • System: Albano
  • Equipment of the start: Polaritas system
  • Time keeping: Omega photo finish camera and video recording
  • Total expanse of the area: 73 ha

Regatta course map

2017 icf canoesprint worldchamp racice regattacourse 01 thumb

pdf2017-icf-canoesprint-worldchamp_racice_regattacourse_05.pdf10/08/2017, 09:06