WorldCup 2016

The longest training camp in their career. And now, the fight for Rio

radon dvorakThey were third at the 2013 World championships, fifth at the London Olympics, and their start at the next Games is still a question. Deblcanoeists Jaroslav Radon and Filip Dvorak do need to succeed in Czech selection race which will take place in Duisburg, Germany in May. “It has to fit us, we have to be in shape and everything has to go well,” expects Dvorak.

Fuksa tried new boat and is glad that he has his masseur at the training camp

mata chorvatsko2He just returned from a month's training camp in Portugal and he packed his bags again and headed to Croatia. Then he stopped at home for a few hours before he again turned toward Portugal. Canoeist Martin Fuksa absolves three training camps in a very short time. Then he will prepare in the Czech Republic for the first real test at the end of April, when the nomination races take place. He does not have to start there but he wants to. “Definitely, I will go some race," says 22-year-old gold and a silver medalist from the world championships.

Accreditation for media is open

mediaMembers of media can apply for the accreditation for the 2016 ICF Sprint Canoe World Cup in Račice. It is possible to download the accreditation form HERE. Please, send it back to the organizers until May 20th 2016. More information for media will follow before the start of the World Cup that takes place on May 27-29.

Cuban team for the first time in Račice

racice vyber 10The ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Račice will have new participants this year. Cuban canoeist will come to Račice for the first time in the history.

Already 563 team members from 27 countries are already signed for this year´s ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Račice, Czech Republic (May 27-29). That will make the event one of the biggest gatherings in the history of this sport.

The European championships in 2015 welcomed about 650 competitors from all over Europe.  There were about thousand boats stored in the depot.

Information about Nelo`s boat rental

racice -_branding_-_neloWill you need to rent a boat for the 2016 Sprint Canoe World Cup in Račice? Then you can check out the new Nelo Rental service from Nelo, that enablea paddlers and teams to easily have at their disposal Nelo boats when and where they most need them.
The company is launching Nelo Rental Pro, created for the teams that will compete at the events where the Nelo Staff is present. This service enables them to easily request and manage a fleet of boats. The service covers the major canoeing competitions – among them the 2016 World Cup in Račice. For more info go HERE.