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Governor of the Ústí Region granted auspices to the Championships

The ECA European Canoe Sprint Seniors Championships will take place under the auspices of Oldřich Bubeníček, the Governer of the Ústí Region, and also under the auscpices of Miroslav Jansta, president of the Czech sports union. We would like to thank for their support.

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The Czech K4 Team is going to race rowers in its preparation for the European Championships

The World and European K4 champions are going to go through a special test at the end of their training camp in the USA. Daniel Havel, Lukáš Trefil, Josef Dostál and Jan Štěrba, who will spend about six weeks in the training centre in Chula Vista, should go against coxless fours from the USA and Canada in the Mission Bay in San Diego.

„I hope the race won`t be cancelled. It should be an interesting part of our training camp. I am curious how we will compare to the rowing national teams of the USA and Canada. Before I agreed to this race, I talked to the rowing coaches at our boathouse. They told me we should be stronger,” Josef Dostál, the K1 1000 World Champion, said.

While the best Czech kayakers get ready for the ECA European Championships in Chula Vista, C2 paddlers Jaroslav Radoň and Filip Dvořák went to their favourite destination in Newport for next five weeks. Martin Fuksa, C1 silver and bronze Worlds medallist, is now training in Portugal. „Everything is fine here, weather is nice. I am tired. Seems like we are competing with all the other national teams to see who is going to train at most,” Fuksa said.

Members of paracanoe teams can rent their boats from Nelo

Canoe manufacturer Nelo is ready to rent boats to members of paracanoe teams at the European Championship in Račice. If you are interested, send your reservation until February 28th to the manufacturer and also in copy to the organizers. The price for renting is 100 EUR.

Contacts for manufacturer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.nelo.eu

Contact for organizers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

World Champion Josef Dostál won the 2014 Czech Paddler of the Year Award

Josef Dostál, first Czech kayaker to win the K1 1000 m World Champion title, won the 2014 Czech Paddler of the Year Award. The ceremony took place in Olomouc. “Year 2014 was very surprising for me – in good, but also in bad way. At the European Championship my boat “sank”, but the World Championship was great. Not only in the K1 category, but also in K4,” Dostál said. “It will be hard to repeat it this year, but results are not that important at the World Championship this year. It will be most important to qualify for the Olympics in Rio.”