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Račice Regatta Venue

Labe arena Račice, Račice 130, Štětí
GPS: Latitude: 50.458255, Longitude: 14.342051

Technical Parameters:

  • Total length of the artificial water channel is 2,350 m
  • Total width is 130 m
  • Depth of the channel is about 2.5 m
  • The return channel – 30 m width – is connected with the main channel at the 600 m and 1,100 m marks
  • 9 lanes of 9 m width marked with Albano system
  • Asphalt road around the channel 5 km long
  • Protected against wind alongside the course from start to finish
    and side waves by construction design and shores trimming
  • Direction of prevailing winds – western
  • Automatic starting system
  • Time keeping – photo finish camera and video recording

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