The longest training camp in their career. And now, the fight for Rio

radon dvorakThey were third at the 2013 World championships, fifth at the London Olympics, and their start at the next Games is still a question. Deblcanoeists Jaroslav Radon and Filip Dvorak do need to succeed in Czech selection race which will take place in Duisburg, Germany in May. “It has to fit us, we have to be in shape and everything has to go well,” expects Dvorak.

They will not remember the last year's world championships in Milan with love. They belonged to the group of candidates for a medal there, but they experienced frustration and disappointment at the Idroscalo channel. They did not finish on the podium, not end even in the top six, which would qualify to Rio.
They reached eighth place, and must hope for a successful "correction" - the additional qualifications in Duisburg will forward two best boats. "I think there will be about 11 crews, and we are, based on the results from last year's World Championships, the second advancing team," said Dvorak.

Do you believe in your advancement?
Dvořák: It is the only race. You cannot look back at what happened in the past. It has to fit us, we have to be in shape and everything has to go well. Then, we'll see what happens. The competition will not be as sharp as the World Championships, but even Romanians, who won the world´s the year before, did not get the spot. Or the Germans, who won the last Olympics. It will not be for free.

How did you cope with the fact that last world championships did not go so good last year?
Radon: Frustration and disappointment took place. On the other hand, everything bad can be good for something. We're not under the Olympic pressure, and when it happens in later qualification, we will not be under such pressure as other teams with more stable performance. It is necessary to turn it in your mind and make an advantage of it. Then we can go for Rio.

Did you think about training changes?
Dvorak: We're thinking about it constantly, how to change the training process, so that a man physically and mentally does not waste any energy. After last season, it was more intense, we implemented changes. I hope that the whole preparation will pay off and we show that we belong to the Olympics, and we will gain the Olympic spot.