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Paracanoeists will get their medals on Saturday

19There are 81 paracanoeists competing at the European Canoe Sprint Seniors Championships 2015 in Račice. Some of them advanced to finala and some of them went straight for medals. Paracanoe disciplines will continue on Saturday afternoon. First two semifinal races take place, then six finals are on the program. All ceremony medals will take place on Saturday.

Jakub Celko from the Czech Republic enjoyed such a big competition for the first time. He was not satisfied with his heat because of weather and one fault he made shortly after the start. “I made a mistake that caused me loss of time on my rivals. I let my paddle to slip out from my left hand. During the whole race wind blew strongly and that pulled me to the one side,” Celko said.

Paracanoeists have a great challenge in front of them because their sport will be for the first time at the Paralympic Games in 2016. “Qualification is the biggest motivation to work. I believe in better results after hard training,” Celko said.