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1. Overview of actual travel rules to the Czech Republic is here:

before entering the territory of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to fill in the arrival form (event venue address: If you type in the form Racice, there should be option Račice (Ústecký kraj), then do not fill street and land registry number type 1 and choose the option č.p. 1 (Račice))

2. Contact information:

OC Covid-19 Officer

Jakub Adam

+420 728 116 994, Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

3. General measures:

All participants, officials and workforce must be equipped with a mask (type FFP2) covering mouth and nose to be used all the time outdoor and indoor (except when on a boat/warm up machine and meals). Masks are also mandatory in all shuttle buses.

There is an obligation for all teams, officials and workforce to stay at home/at the hotel if they show any symptoms of the Covid 19 disease like a fever (over 37.5 °C) or other symptoms of flu and immediately contact OC COVID-19 manager.

Management of individuals with symptoms of Covid 19 and a positive test result
Person with symptoms of Covid 19 will be immediately isolated and PCR test will be conducted follow the directions of the relevant authority to national guidelines.
For the positive case will be ordered isolation according to national guidelines.
The individuals from the close contact list will be isolated until PCR test be conducted.
Social distance 2 meters should be kept all the time.

4. Accreditation and Access to the Event:

Team leader will have and on request presents proof of Covid 19 test with negative result, performed in the last 72 hours (PCR), or 48 hours (rapid antigen) or EU COVID Digital Vaccination Certificate or EU COVID  Digital Certificate on suffering Covid 19 disease in the past (no older than 180 days after the first positive test) of all team members. Please email a one-page summary of the negative PCR/Antigen tests/EU COVID Digital certificate of your entire team to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. as soon as you have it. The summary form to be found in the attachement.

PCR test will be mandatory for all participants after arrival in Racice travelling from countries with high, very high and extreme risk of Covid-19 transmission. Listed countries can be found here

Details about testing can be found in Article 7 below.

Participants from countries where the measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic requires isolation are not subject to the quarantine obligation until the PCR test result after entering the Czech Republic.

Only one person in the accreditation centre at a time and only the designated National Team Manager is allowed to enter the centre.

5. Athletes and Team leader viewing area – Grandstands:

There will be a dedicated area available. All attending the area must wear mask covering mouth and nose, sanitize hands very often, keep a social distance of at least 2 metres.

6. Victory Ceremony protocols:

During the victory ceremony all athletes must wear a mask covering mouth and nose. The awarded athlete will take the medal directly from the tray to carry it around their neck.

7. Covid – 19 PCR tests

Mandatory PCR test for teams travelling from countries classified as high, very high and extreme risk of Covid-19 transmission (see Article 1 for a list of countries) will be performed after arrival in Racice at the event venue testing facility.

Departure PCR/antigen test can be organized upon request.

We kindly ask all teams to book the test via the booking form and send it to the OC not later than 7 days before arrival. Testing facility will be open on September 10 in the afternoon and September 11 in the morning.

Tests are at the participants own costs and will be paid directly by each National Federation at the Accreditation Office before undergoing test. The price of the PCR test is 50 EUR, rapid antigen 30 EUR.  More information on the exact procedure will be provided.

8. Showers at the venue

For safety reasons showers at the venue will not be avaible, except sunday afternoon for those teams departing home and had to check out from hotels.

9. Responsibility

The Host National Federation and the Host Organizing Committee do not have and accept any responsibility for COVID-19 infection that occurs before, during or after the competition.

The Host National Federation and Host Organizing Committee will respect all the recommendations and obligations imposed by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and local authorities to reduce the risk of transmission.

Each Participating National Federation is responsible for all costs should any member of their team be required to go into quarantine at any time from arrival to departure and/or be hospitalized or to return to the country of departure.

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