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Belarus and Poland head the 200 metres heats in Račice

MEJ patekDuring the second day of the 2019 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships in Račice, Czech Republic, we have followed the 1000 metres semifinals in the morning part of the programme and heats of the 200 meters events in the afternoon. Representatives of teams from Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and France produced the fastest heats times in nine 200 metres events that are in the programme of this European Championships.

In the first 200 metres heats event of the day Aliaksandra Kalaur from Belarus set the best time in women's junior C1 200 metres event. Russian representative Daria Gladkova was second fastest competitior of the day in this event and Katarzyna Szperkiewicz from Poland third. Stanislau Savelyeu from Belarus produced the fastest time in men's C1 junior 200 metres heats, finishing the race ahead of Pavlo Borsuk from Ukraine and Kirill Romanov from Russia. The third Belarussian winner of the day was Veranika Leaniuk in women's K1 junior 200 metres heats.

Polish team celebrated two best times of the day in men's junior kayak 200 metres heats and in women's C1 U23 200 metres heats. In the first Jakub Stepun paddled faster than any other paddler in this event, finishing the day ahead of Ionut Nicolaescu from Romania and Daniel Atkins from Great Britain. In women's C1 U23 200 metres event Dorota Borowska set the best time. Gabriela Ladicova from Slovakia was second and Bianka Nagy from Hungary had the third best time of the day in this event.

Badri Kavelashvili from Georgia was the fastest in men's K1 U23 200 metres heats, followed by Dmytro Danylenko from Ukraine and Strahinja Stefanović from Serbia. Russian paddler Dmitrii Sharov was the fastest in men's C1 U23 200 metres heats, Murman Malania from Georgia set the second fastest time of the day in this event and Oleh Borovyk from Ukraine the third best time.

Tetyana Yednak from Ukraine was the winner of overall standings for the women's K1 U23 200 metres heats. The defending champion Biljana Relić from Serbia had second best time of the day and Kristina Kovnir from Russia was third in the overall standings.

In the last heats event of the day Laura Ruiz and Flore Caupain from France set the best time of the day in women's Junior 200 metres event. Valeriia Sharova and Vasylyna Kalytiuk from Ukraine were second and Angelina Gubanova - Daria Gladkova from Russia third.

On Saturday European Championships will continue with 1000 metres finals in the morning part of the programme and 200 metres semifinals in the afternoon.